Medikly launches KONNECT analytics platform

Medikly has launched a cloud-based, new engagement and analytics platform, KONNECT, for pharmaceutical brand teams and marketing agencies.

KONNECT provides data-visualization, advanced analytic capabilities, tools, knowledge, and expertise to deliver targeted and personalized brand experiences through a unified digital platform as well as offers marketers access to a single, cross-channel solution with ‘out-of-the-box’ content management, social media and big data analytic functionalities.

Medikly business development and channel partnerships VP Nita Nehru said with KONNECT, creating, managing and monitoring physician engagement through one central hub costs as little as $10 per physician, as it is offered via the cloud and available through a subscription-based pricing plan.

“We’re now inviting agencies, content publishers and various other stakeholders interested in establishing a partnership to reach out to us,” Nehru added.

Medikly advisor Gautam Gulati said agencies can focus on their creative and digital strengths while using the platform to improve productivity, centralize the management of their digital assets and seamlessly collaborate with brand teams.

“Similarly, brand teams can quickly centralize their audience, reduce time-to-market by up to 90% and rapidly identify and act on physician needs,” Gulati added.