CPhI China & P-MEC China Post Show Report 2019

CPhI & P-MEC China has become Asia’s largest and most specialised pharmaceutical event. Throughout the years, the event has witnessed the country’s pharmaceutical industry progress from playing catchup with the rest of the world to leading the way. 2019’s edition saw new records set in terms of scale as well as the number of exhibitors and visitors at the event.

This year’s exhibition area exceeded 200,000m2 – covering all 17 halls of the SNIEC – while exhibitor numbers reached 3,246 and the total visit number from both domestic and overseas visitors reached 66,569 – a 10% increase on 2018’s figures. The event also saw a 32% increase in overseas visits reaching 20,302. There was an endless stream of both Chinese and international traders going to stands onsite to negotiate, contributing to an unprecedentedly grand occasion

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