Temperature Control & Logistics North America Summit

    The Temperature Control & Logistics North American Summit cuts through the complexity to identify which approaches will work for you, bringing genuine value to your supply chain, your business, and your patients. This program will foster collaboration and exchange between pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology companies of all sizes, with a focus on demonstrating the true business value of innovation and best practice across the Temperature Controlled Supply Chain. Join the summit to:

    • Harness Cutting-Edge Technology: Explore game-changers like IoT sensors and blockchain for real-time visibility, improved efficiency, and enhanced product safety.
    • Master Operational Excellence: Learn data-driven strategies to optimize processes, minimize waste, and ensure consistent temperature control across your supply chain.
    • Navigate the Regulatory Landscape: Gain expert insights into navigating complex regulations and achieving compliance, guaranteeing the integrity of your temperature sensitive products.
    • Forge Powerful Partnerships: Discover the power of collaboration across the supply chain to tackle challenges, drive innovation, and unlock new opportunities.
    • Embrace Sustainability: Explore eco-friendly solutions like sustainable packaging and alternative energy sources to minimize your environmental impact.

    Download the agenda here to explore all the details.


    Event Name: Temperature Control and Logistics North America Summit
    Event Venue: Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park
    Event Date: September 10 – 12, 2024
    Event website link: https://www.pharma-iq.com/events-temperature-control-and-logistics
    Event Organizer Name: IQPC
    Communication number (with country & area code): +16462007515
    Email ID: enquire@iqpc.co.uk
    Social Media Link’s: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/temperature-controlled-logistics-series/

    Organiser: IQPC Ltd

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