Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit 2024

    The Global Drug Delivery and Formulation (Global DDF) summit is a premier event that brings together leading experts for a comprehensive exploration of the latest industry developments. Spanning over 3 days, the summit offers a platform for in-depth discussions, case studies, and the sharing of valuable expertise. With nearly 100 sessions, 4 content streams, and dedicated networking breaks, the event facilitates the exchange of ideas and fosters collaboration within the pharmaceutical and drug delivery community.

    The summit covers a diverse range of topics, including small molecules, biologics, new technologies, and devices. Attendees can delve into formulation design for poorly soluble compounds, explore the potential of nanotechnology for enhanced deliverability, and stay updated on the latest controlled release technologies. Other key areas of focus include improving patient compliance through data and smart device technology, optimizing formulations for continuous manufacturing, overcoming challenges in oral delivery of biologics, and addressing issues related to the blood-brain barrier. The summit is a vital opportunity to gain insights, discover innovations, and tackle common challenges in the dynamic field of drug delivery and formulation.


    Event Name: Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit
    Event Venue: Maritim proArte Hotel, Berlin
    Event Date: 21st-23rd May 2024
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    Event Organizer Name: Max Conferences
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    Organiser: Mark Allen Group

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