4th Annual Computational Drug Development for Biologics 2019

    CDD for Biologics has been specifically designed to help biopharmaceutical companies define strategies to further adapt these tools, mitigate data availability issues and address computational-experimental challenges to add immediate value to their biologics pipelines.

    Join a diverse faculty of experts from pharma, biotech, software developers and academia as we provide the platform to discuss what is needed to accelerate computational capability to the next level.

    Event Name: Computational Drug Development for Biologics 2019
    Event Venue: Revere Boston Common200 Stuart St Boston, MA 02116 USA
    Event Date: 19-21 November
    Event website link: https://cdd-biologics.com/
    Event Organizer Name: Hanson Wade
    Email ID: info@hansonwade.com

    Organiser: Hanson Wade

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