10th Tumor Models For Combination Targeted Oncology

    In July, the 10th Tumor Models for Combination Targeted Oncology summit will finally return to the city. In July, the summit will unite Principal Preclinical and Translational Scientists to share their challenges and ideas for new strategies to perform their studies, equipping you with the right tools to maximize your clinical confidence and ensure patient’s safety.

    In collaboration with Sanofi, Merck, Amgen, Dana Farber Sanofi, this is the only case studies driven meeting dedicated to in vivo and modelling techniques. Across 3 days, with 2 streams for preclinical and translational scientists respectively, you will:

    • Learn how emerging platforms can complement your cell and tumor biology, giving you a much deeper understanding of the mouse model requirement
    • Hear preclinical model 2.0 approach, giving you tips on which models to select for the most predictive readouts prior to first-in-human studies
    • Delve into combination, targeted oncology’s challenges including tumor heterogeneity, safety, drug resistance and sensitivity helping you to refine clinical design
    • Deep dive into translational biomarker identification to guide patient stratification in clinical programs

    Drug developers or academics, secure your free pass  – limited place available – https://ter.li/khmcky

    Event Name: 10th Tumor Models For Combination Targeted Oncology
    Event Venue: Hilton Boston Back Bay
    Event Date: July 12-14 2022
    Event website link: https://ter.li/2yrhkx
    Event Organizer Name: Hanson Wade
    Email ID: monica.mojumder-chan@hansonwade.com

    Organiser: Hanson Wade

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