RayBiotech screening assays used to identify chemoresistance pathway

RayBiotech-developed antibody-based biomarker screening assays have been used to identify a critical pathway involved in chemotherapeutic resistance acquired by melanoma cancer cells.

RayBiotech president and chief operating officer Rani Huang said the findings of the research have comprehensively outlined a mechanism behind the acquisition of chemoresistance by one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

”We are pleased that RayBiotech’s antibody arrays played important roles in chemoresistance pathway characterization,” Huang added.

”This is a perfect example of how our high-content screening tools can facilitate potential drug target identification.”

The authors using antibody arrays distinguished that the microenvironment of a melanoma tumor played a main role to modulate resistance to certain cancer drugs.

The arrays also helped in identification of individual factors acting upon cancer cells that are both necessary and sufficient to drive chemoresistance.

The RayBioG-Series 4000 and the RayBio L-Series 507 cytokine antibody arrays helped finding out pathway associated with the cancer cells’ ability to develop resistance to chemotherapeutic agents.