BioBlocks, Full Spectrum to develop new small molecule therapeutics

Full Spectrum Genetics and BioBlocks have signed an agreement to find new Small Molecule Therapeutics for protein-protein interactions.

As part of the agreement, Full Spectrum Genetics protein analysis and engineering platform, MapEng, and BioBlocks’ fragment based drug discovery platform technology,Fragment-to-Lead, will be combined.

The technologies will also be used to discover therapeutics and drugs in a more rapid and cost effective manner than old methods. The financial details of the collaboration have not been disclosed.

Full Spectrum Genetics president and chief executive officer Tom Smart said,”Traditional methods to understand protein-protein interactions that affect disease outcomes often yield incomplete information despite the considerable time and expense involved.”

BioBlock president and chief executive officer Peter Pallai said,”In spite of significant recent developments in drug discovery technologies, the identification of high quality leads that are ultimately successful in clinical trials remains a challenge.”