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    Sygnature Discovery

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    Sygnature Discovery is a leading independent provider of integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical resource and expertise, offering fully integrated discovery project support, as well as discipline-specific support in medicinal chemistry, computational sciences, bioscience, DMPK or physical sciences as needed by our clients. Sygnature undertake target validation, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization projects as well as complete drug discovery programs. Since 2011, 30 compounds discovered by Sygnature for clients have entered pre-clinical development and so far, 14 of these have progressed to clinical trials (Phases I, II and III).


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    Daniel Weston

    PhD, Associate Director DMPK

    Dan is primarily responsible for leading the Biotransformation and Metabolite Identification Team at Sygnature Discovery. Previously, he worked for Schering-Plough in the US, providing biotransformati...

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    Sara Griffiths

    PhD, Senior Biotransformation Scientist

    Sara uses high resolution accurate mass liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)for metabolite profiling, metabolite identification and reactive metabolite screening. Current int...