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    Hidoc Dr

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    Hidoc Dr. is an AI based Medical Learning App for Doctors. It provides Doctors with guaranteed Evidence Based MEDICAL SECOND OPINIONS in under 15 minutes, and access to more than 1 million Medical cases, 30K+ Medical Journals, Learning Series, Medical Calculators, Conferences, and Quizzes.

    Hidoc Dr. assists in patient care by always providing Doctors the right advice to complex medical problems in a matter of a few minutes. It’s totally free for Doctors to use in India. Almost 500K Doctors in India have registered on Hidoc Dr. App & Web Solutions.

    Almost 400,000 Doctors use Hidoc solutions per month and almost 100,000 Doctors attend Webinars hosted by Hidoc per month. Hidoc Dr. has been recommended and used by multiple Medical Associations such as ISCCM, AOI, IAP, IMA, FOSGI and used by Doctors in leading institutions such as PGI, AIIMS, BJMC, JJ and CMC among others.