Why are decentralised clinical trials the future of the industry

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) can be considered to be the future of the industry due to the benefits they provide to drug developers and patients and their growing popularity. These benefits include ease for patients to participate in trials as they can do so remotely from home, as well as reducing the cost of research as less staff and resources are required as fewer patients visit trial sites.

Traditional clinical trials are often limited to studying diseases and conditions that are common enough to have a large number of patients available to participate. However DCTs can be used to study a wider range of diseases and conditions because they can reach a larger pool of patients, with more emerging rare diseases and small patient pools, the demand for DCTs will increase.

DCTs can help to accelerate the development of new treatments. Traditional clinical trials can take many years to complete. This is because they require a long time to recruit patients, collect data, and analyze the data. DCTs can help to accelerate the development of new treatments by reducing the time it takes to recruit patients and collect data.

DCTs can also help to improve patient recruitment and retention as studies have shown that patients are more likely to participate in DCTs than traditional clinical trials due to their flexibility and convenience.

Finally, DCTs can also help to improve patient safety. By using technology to collect data remotely, DCTs can provide researchers with real-time data on patient health. This data can be used to identify and address potential safety concerns as soon as possible.

For all of these reasons DCTs offer a number of advantages over traditional clinical trials. They have the potential be more efficient, effective, affordable, and patient-centred. Because of these reasons it is responsible to consider DCTs the future of clinical research as their limitations and the regulatory concerns will be addressed due to their growing popularity.

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