Bottlenecks in vaccine development: Eliminate from the beginning

Promising vaccine candidates, rising global demand and preparations for the next pandemic influenza have brought vaccine’s role into focus in the past years and resulted in an impressive Pharma market share and revenue (US$ 26billion) in 2009.

This dynamics is driven by new product development, practical vaccinology and resource-providing industry collaborations which will give the vaccine industry experts new room to innovate and bring their life-saving products to market.

dr. annie van broekhoven“The crucial phase is to eliminate points of failure already in the research phase,” thinks Dr. Annie Van Broekhoven, Vice President Biologicals from Innogenetics Belgium and adds that vaccine development should be done right from the beginning. “Possible bottlenecks encountered during process development can be limited by pro-active approach through e.g. two generation development and efficient technology transfer.”

Dr. Annie Van Broekhoven
Vice President Biologicals

bernd eiseleBernd Eisele, CEO of Vakzine Projekt Management Gmbh Germany and confirms the importance of the whole development process: “When the research phase is finished, continue with the clear goal in mind: acquire high – value candidates, retrograde planning, work along the Value Chain and identify the best development partners.”

A vision for the future is a must especially in the changing vaccine market according Dr. Mats Lundgren, Head of Vaccine Manufacturing Technology R&D, GE Healthcare in Sweden.

Bernd Eisele
Chief Executive Officer
Vakzine Projekt Management Gmbh

Innovative manufacturing solution will be presented by Dr. Lundgren, Dr. Van Broekhoven and Mr. Eisele at a pre-conference workshop “Accelerated Vaccine Introduction” in Wien, 23rd February 2011. The workshop will be part of two day conference called Next Generation Vaccines covered with presentations from members of WHO, PATH, IAVI or Serum Institute of India as well as from corporations such as Merck & Co., Novartis, Pfizer, Abbott Biologicals B.V. 

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