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The knowledge-based articles provided in this section are a collection of view points from research professionals and experts concerning various aspects of Pharmaceutical industry such as Drug Research, Pharmaceutical Production and Manufacturing, Strategies, Clinical Trails and Information technology.

The Essential Role of Interactive Response Technology (IRT) in Clinical Trial Supply

Sharp Print Issue April 2019 Clinical Trials
Increasingly elaborate international clinical trials are demanding a smarter, streamlined approach from supply partners and better collaboration with sponsors. In this environment, Interactive Response Technology (IRT) systems have been a staple and a powerful, practical...

IoT Is the Key to Supply Chain Continuity, Visibility, and Productivity

rfxcel Print Issue April 2019 IT & Data Management Packaging & Labelling
As the global logistics and supply chain industry continues to grow — it is expected to reach $15.5 trillion by 2023 — pharmaceutical companies are facing more hurdles than ever to monitor their cargo...

The Highest Safety for Highly Potent Pharmaceuticals

Bosch Packaging Technology Print Issue April 2019 Packaging & Labelling
Biotechnologically manufactured drugs are one of the most important pharmaceutical trends of the past years. Especially in cancer therapy, the advent of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) has opened the door for new, extremely promising treatment...

New Independent Study proves Coated Lidding Significantly reduces Packaging-related Particulate in Drug Delivery Systems*

Oliver Healthcare Packaging Print Issue April 2019 Packaging & Labelling
Coating technologies reduce particulate generation by up to 96% in pharmaceutical manufacturing. As the demand for prefilled and prefillable syringe applications grow, one consideration for many pharmaceutical manufacturers is particulate; in particular, how particulate can...

Navigating Russia’s Compliance Regulations; Arguably the Most Complex in the World

TraceLink Online Topics
Russia’s increasing reliance on pharmaceutical-driven healthcare is resulting in a growing consumer demand for drugs of all types. Over the past few decades, the country’s domestic pharmaceutical market has shifted, maturing into a model more...

Industry Trends: Vigilance is Critical for Future Success

Vetter Pharma Print Issue April 2019 Production & Manufacturing
Historically, companies not keeping abreast of marketing trends have not fared well. Consider the demise of the once highly successful computer company Wang Laboratories. Founded in 1951, the company at its peak in the 1980’s...

Drug-Eluting Devices: Delivering on Drug Delivery’s Combined Potential

Particle Sciences Online Topics Packaging & Labelling
Implantable drug-eluting devices (DEDs) have come a long way since 1938, when Finland approved a subcutaneously administered birth control device delivering levonorgestrel. Over their development history, the therapeutic performance and value of DEDs has evolved...

Addressing the challenges of BYOD: is the industry over cautious?

CRF Bracket Online Topics Drug Research
Over recent years, the rise of Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) solutions has opened up a host of opportunities to researchers. By allowing participants to easily submit information during a clinical trial via devices such as...

Evolving Consumer and Doctor Preferences Driving Changes to Preservative-Free Multidose Eyedropper Market

Silgan Dispensing Online Topics Production & Manufacturing
Ophthalmic health has become a growing concern for many reasons – expanding elderly population, air pollution and urban populations to name a few. Not surprisingly, there’s been a growth in products and therapies designed to...

2019 Trends to Watch For in the Global Clinical Trials Sector

Greenphire Online Topics Clinical Trials
The industry’s pledge to improve the clinical trial experience for participants and investigative sites is taking center stage in 2019. Greenphire’s CEO, Jim Murphy, spoke with World Pharma Today about current trends that will...