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The knowledge-based articles provided in this section are a collection of view points from research professionals and experts concerning various aspects of Pharmaceutical industry such as Drug Research, Pharmaceutical Production and Manufacturing, Strategies, Clinical Trails and Information technology.

Particle analysis: Growing demand with biologics

Vetter Pharma Online Topics Drug Research
The development and introduction of new biological drug substances has been on the rise, and so have the regulatory requirements placed on these often life-saving products. At the same time, innovative analytical technologies have...

The current scenario in Pharmaceutical Packaging Development

ACG Print Issue August 2019 Packaging & Labelling
Ultra high barrier films protect any dosage content The Pharmaceutical Industry has always mainly focused on novel drug research, formulation development,  and  subsequent  clinical  trials.  As  with  all  other  phases  it  presents  its  own  challenges....
Bruker PET Scan

The use of positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET/CT) to assist preclinical oncology research

Bruker Corporation Online Topics
Positron emission tomography (PET) is a popular nuclear imaging technique used to gain information about specific molecular biomarkers. It is often combined with other imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed...

Drug-Eluting Devices: Delivering on Drug Delivery’s Combined Potential

Particle Sciences Print Issue August 2019 Packaging & Labelling
Implantable drug-eluting devices (DEDs) have come a long way since 1938, when Finland approved a subcutaneously administered birth control device delivering levonorgestrel. Over their development history, the therapeutic performance and value of DEDs has evolved...
Academia-Industry Collaborations for Pharmaceutical Innovation

A Powerful Pairing: Academia-Industry Collaborations for Pharmaceutical Innovation

Chiesi Group Online Topics Drug Research
Innovation is unarguably the essence of pharmaceutical discovery and development. Industry and academia have been working together for decades, but historically relationships did not extend far beyond the traditional exchange of funding and research....
Considerations for Purchasing Antibodies

Top Three Considerations for Purchasing Antibodies Online Topics
Antibodies are widely used in pre-clinical research to study proteins and their functions in biological pathways and diseased states. These tools, with their high specificity and sensitivity, help life science researchers to easily identify...

Steps to Compliance: How Best to Prepare for Russia’s 2020 Pharma Regulations

rfxcel Print Issue August 2019 Drug Research
Preparing for Russia’s regulation requirements might seem like a mountain to climb, but it’s a necessary journey for companies that want to remain in or enter the 10th largest pharmaceutical market in the world. With...

Data Collection in Phase II-III Clinical Research – It is Ripe for Disruption?

ICON plc Print Issue April 2019 Clinical Trials
Current data collection practices in clinical research are facing many challenges. There is a broad recognition that issues prevail with the current clinical research data collection processes and systems. Industry leaders, such as Janet Woodcock,...

Why AI in Drug Discovery has Yet to Live Up to its Promise!

Elsevier Print Issue April 2019 Drug Research IT & Data Management
Being a life sciences researcher today involves being inundated with data from every direction. Every day, new studies are published, conferences held, and experiments conducted. Despite rumours the age of the ‘blockbuster’ drug might be...

First step to Secondary Packaging: Start with the End in Mind

Online Topics
No matter if it is meeting the needs of a rapidly aging market, blocking drug counterfeiters or differentiating your pharmaceutical product in the market, a secondary packaging program is essential to achieve success. However,...