Zylast™ to Present Benefits of Its Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Products At Cruise Ship Healthcare Conference

Zylast™, a marketer of a full line of antiseptic products, announced today that an infectious disease specialist will make a presentation titled “The Benefits of a Broad Spectrum Persistent Antimicrobial” at the 12th Annual Institute of Cruise Ship Medicine Conference August 7 at the Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Miami.

Maj. Steven E. Czerwinski (Retired), an infectious disease expert who specialized in preventative chemical warfare research in the U.S. Army, will make the presentation beginning at 9:30 a.m.Maj. Czerwinski is currently an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry and Earth Science at Harford Community College in Bel Air, MD, and a former Professor, Nursing Faculty, at Morgan State University’s School of Community Health and Policy.

Maj. Czerwinski’s presentation will include a discussion of infection rates aboard cruise ships and how Zylast products have been proven to kill the worst culprit, norovirus. Other topics include the importance of persistence in antimicrobial products compared to alcohol-based antimicrobials and the benefits of Zylast products that do not irritate the hands and are cost effective.

A key point of discussion will be the dangers of norovirus, which causes an extremely contagious stomach flu, in enclosed areas like cruise ships. Unlike other personal sanitization products on the market, Zylast has proven it can effectively kill the norovirus and can claim to be a “broad spectrum” antimicrobials under the Food and Drug Administration monograph.

A total of 20 million people in the U.S. alone each year are stricken with the stomach flu caused by norovirus, according to public health statistics, and it’s an increasingly serious ailment aboard cruise ships. On average, 17 cruises are cancelled every year due to norovirus outbreaks, costing the cruise ship industry millions of dollars.  Norovirus is also a huge problem in schools and nursing homes and similar closed environments.

“Zylast products have clearly demonstrated their effectiveness as broad spectrum antimicrobials, which is critical for the prevention of the highly-contagious stomach flu in places like cruise ships that have large enclosed areas filled with many people,” Maj. Czerwinski said. “It kills the microbes immediately and continues killing them, which is the first time a product has shown this efficacy. This is an important advance in antimicrobial protection because, compared to hand-washing, Zylast is between 10 and 100 times more effective against this kind of stomach flu that can ruin a cruise for the passengers.”

More information on Zylast products is available at www.zylast.com.

About Zylast

Zylast™ is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of a full line of antiseptic products for use by healthcare professionals, businesses and consumers.  Zylast products, based on proprietary and patented combinations of pharmaceutical ingredients, are owned by Innovative BioDefense Inc, a privately held company headquartered in Lake Forest, CA.  Products can be ordered at www.zylast.com, and will be delivered beginning in September 2012.