The launch of the first ever global Medical Science Liaison Society.

According to Dr. Samuel Dyer, Chairman of the Board of the MSL Society, “As the MSL role continues to rapidly grow and play an ever increasingly important role in the success of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, there has been a need for a dedicated professional organization to serve as a voice for the profession”. 

The MSL Society is a Non-Profit organization exclusively dedicated to serving as this voice and advancing the global MSL career!

The Medical Science Liaison role is rapidly growing across the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, CRO, and other healthcare industries.  MSLs play vital roles in the success of a company.  They work throughout product lifecycles, help to ensure that products are utilized effectively, serve as scientific peers and resources within the medical community, and are scientific content experts to internal colleagues at companies.

The Missionof the Medical Science Liaison Society is exclusively dedicated to advancing the global MSL profession.

The MSL Society provides resources for those interested in the MSL role, as well as, professional growth and development opportunities for current MSL Managers and individual MSLs including:

Live Conferences-featuring prominent speakers where members can interact and share ideas

Training-including best practice sharing and research for experienced MSLs as well as training programs to assist candidates who want to break into the role


Research and Publications

Educational Materials-including videos, articles, presentations and other resources from global experts

Networking Opportunities-including opportunities to meet and engage with MSL colleagues and management around the world

Career Services

The Vision of the Medical Science Liaison Society is to be the primary global resource for MSL professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, CRO, and other healthcare industries.

They are offering a FREE download of a summary report on MSL-KOL engagement and compliance.  You can find the link to the report here: