Tetrahedron announces that Selisseo(R) received a market authorization for use in animal nutrition

Tetrahedron, designing and developing rare natural and synthetic antioxidants for the health nutrition, dermocosmetics and pharmacy sectors, today announces that Selisseo(R) has received marketing authorization (MA) from the European Commission for use in animal nutrition for all animal species. Selisseo is the trade name of the product developed by Adisseo, based on Tetrahedron’s NutraSelen(R) compound.

Tetrahedron has designed and patented the novel selenium compound NutraSelen and its associated industrial manufacturing process. NutraSelen is a new L-selenomethionine precursor which, when absorbed by the body, is biotransformed into L-selenomethionine, a natural source of selenium for humans and animals.

Selenium is an essential micro-nutrient that is derived from the soil and ascends the food chain until ingested by humans. Selenium intake depends on soil selenium content and varies significantly by geographical area. In some regions of Asia where the soil selenium content is very low, deficiencies have been observed which can lead to serious disorders of the heart (Keshan disease), bones (Kashin-Beck disease) or the neuro-muscular system. In the form of selenocysteine in enzymes, selenium helps to protect cellular components from oxidant damage, regulate cell redox homeostasis and support proper immune, reproductive and thyroid functions.

In April 2009, Tetrahedron signed an exclusive global license agreement with Adisseo, a provider of animal nutritional additives and solutions, to use NutraSelen in animal nutrition. The financial terms of the Adisseo agreement were not disclosed. Adisseo then took on development of the product under the name of Selisseo. It submitted the MA application in November 2011. The EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) delivered a favorable opinion in January 2013. The MA was issued by the European Commission in May 2013 for the use of Selisseo in Europe in feed for all species of domestic animals (sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry).

Selisseo is the first proprietary organoselenium-based product to be granted an MA in Europe for use in animal nutrition. The other selenium supplements currently available in this market are inorganic selenium salts and selenium-enriched yeasts. Selisseo is safe and provides a high bioavailability.

“The success of this first industrial project is a mark of credibility for Tetrahedron and demonstrates our ability to lead innovative projects from design through to industrial production,” said Jean-Claude Yadan, president of Tetrahedron. “We are currently seeking a partner to acquire a license in human nutrition for NutraSelen. Other innovative Tetrahedron products in the areas of nutrition and cosmetics are at an advanced stage of development. One of our most advanced projects relates to the nutritional ingredient Ergoneine(R), which is pure synthetic L-ergothioneine. We are currently preparing its launch on the US market for Q1 2014.”

“We are pleased to see products designed by companies at the Biocitech life science park being released to market,” said Jean-François Boussard, chairman of Biocitech. “The human and animal nutrition sector is growing, and the innovative products and processes developed by Tetrahedron will ensure that the company can develop and sustain its position in this market niche.”

About Tetrahedron (http://www.tetrahedron.fr)

Tetrahedron’s mission is to help maintain or improve health and wellbeing by providing innovative products for the nutrition, dermocosmetics and pharmacy markets. The company leverages its expertise in medicinal chemistry and free radical biology to design and develop new or rare natural antioxidants which are manufactured via patented and environmentally-friendly novel synthesis processes. Its industrial property portfolio comprises five proprietary patents and an exclusive worldwide license.

About Biocitech (http://www.biocitech.com)

Biocitech is a technology park dedicated to life sciences and the environment. It offers resident companies on-site support from inception to maturity. It provides a range of services that are specifically designed for firms in the sectors of biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, medical and in vitro diagnostics and medical devices.

Biocitech is the only science and technology park in the Paris area that is ICPE certified and that offers a comprehensive and flexible range of services that include technical buildings, multi-technical services and support services. ICPE certification provides entrepreneurs with secure premises of a high technological standard that are perfectly adapted to their development. The unique combination gives firms the benefit of specialized resources that cost less because they are pooled. Biocitech is located close to Raymond Queneau Paris subway station, and is only 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport.

The park is market-oriented and the great majority of its residents generate revenues from the sale of products or services. Furthermore, the firms installed at Biocitech complement one another, thus generating strong synergies and numerous collaborations. Along with other organizations in the Paris area, Biocitech is a key element in the Medicen Paris Region network, the Greater Paris region’s world-class competitiveness hub for health and new therapies.