TerraMedica To Become Fortel Analytics Fortel Analytics

Effective today, TerraMedica has changed its name to Fortel Analytics to reflect their focus on managing healthcare fraud and abuse prevention through advancing new and innovative predictive solutions, analysis methods and analytical technology.  “Today we are focused on offering healthcare payment fraud and abuse management solutions that are proven, adaptive and evolve to address new and emerging patterns. Our name change to Fortel Analytics reaffirms that focus. We will continue to provide effective solutions for our customers that generate significant cost savings and make them more competitive in the markets they serve”, said Allan Klindworth Fortel Analytics’ CEO. 

Fortel Analytics is unique in that they are singularly focused on developing and advancing new statistical theories, analysis methods and analytical technology that identifies improper healthcare payments, while emphasizing prevention first and recovery second.

About Fortel AnalyticsFortel Analytics designs and deploys predictive analytic and risk management solutions that help healthcare payers and stakeholders prevent improper healthcare payments.

These solutions serve to identify, manage, and prevent fraud and abuse losses prior to payment, while at the same time minimizing the impact on providers, beneficiaries and payers.