RCPE and InSilicoTrials to Digitalize and Accelerate the Development of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

RCPE and InSilicoTrials have agreed to an exclusive partnership to commercialize the XPS simulation software. Specifically developed for pharmaceutical applications, XPS allows companies to assess their process configurations in unprecedented detail and explore the decision space without time- and labor-intensive experiments.

The Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) and InSilicoTrials announced the expansion of their partnership to accel- erate the development of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by leveraging high-performance modeling and simulation. The ap- proach enables organizations to innovate and optimize their process configurations without additional investments in technical infra- structure and significantly accelerates time-to-value when develop- ing new drug products. RCPE’s proprietary simulation will be offered as a standalone desktop application and integrated into InSilicoTrials’ market-leading cloud-based platform.

“We’re honored to have found the perfect partner in InSilicoTrial,” said Prof. Dr. Johannes Khinast, Scientific Director of RCPE. “With today‘s announcement, RCPE and InSilicoTrials are combining their expertise to help engineers and researchers make data-driven decisions and deliver new levels of innovation. InSilicoTrials‘ comprehensive simula- tion platform combined with XPS creates a single-source repository for pharmaceutical development from discovery to dosage form.”

“We are honored to have started this collaboration agreement with such a high-value technologically advanced partner,” said Luca Emili, CEO of InSilicoTrials. “This step confirms the validity of our business model centered on the integration of computational simulations from the best research centers worldwide. With XPS, InSilicoTrials adds an important model to its platform, further enhancing its contribution to drug development and data-driven decision making.”

Dr. Thomas Klein, Business Director of RCPE, added: “It is exciting to see our technology ready for commercialization and be able to provide the software to customers worldwide. Our multidisciplinary team has demonstrated how our computational models can be used to create better quality products and more efficient processes. This collaboration and our shared developmental efforts truly set the gold standard for modeling and simulation in life sciences.”

About XPS

XPS was developed at the RCPE in Graz, Austria. It allows an accurate and ultra-fast calculation of mixing processes for powdery media to an extent that was inconceivable until recently. XPS allows simulat- ing up to 100 million (!) particles simultaneously and with appealing computing speeds. Thus, processes can be described in great detail that reality and simulation seem to merge.

With its unique program architecture, XPS uses the CPU and GPU to depict the behavior and transport of more than 100 million parti- cles without additional computation time. Other standard tools reach their limits at a fraction of that amount. Therefore, the utilization of XPS leads to minimizing the implications of a trial & error approach. XPS is a novel, cross-sector simulation tool for particle-based pro- cesses in process engineering. It can be used for product and equip- ment development or optimization in various fields (Pharma, Food, Equipment manufacture, etc.). Particle-based process steps occur in about 80% of all chemical processes. The simulation of particle flows has been very complex and hardly possible so far.