Package Improves Biobank Workflow & Simplifies Sample Tracking

A new package is available from Ziath, designed for smaller biobanks and biorepositories, that contains everything you need to start up and maintain enhanced sample integrity, tracking and audit trail.

The ‘BB package’ combines top-quality 2D coded sample storage tubes, a high performance 2D barcoded tube scanner and a semi-automated tube selector that makes picking individual tubes very easy, all at an affordable price.

Also included with this package is easy to use Ziath sample management software which allows you to organize your sample inventory, making setting up a biobank or biorepository very straightforward. This software can generate “picking lists” of tubes that you require for further work which can be sent directly to the Mohawk tube selector.

If you are not sure which racks contain the tubes of interest – this is not a problem. Using the Mirage 2D barcoded tube scanner you can quickly identify all the tubes in a rack and the Mohawk software will then flag any that should be picked. Once all the required tubes are assembled in a “daughter” rack, using your Mohawk and Mirage together you can verify them and update their new locations in the sample management software. That way you need never lose track of a tube in your store and can have confidence that the right samples have been shared with colleagues and collaborators. The sample management software even allows you to create external locations, so that you know exactly where all your samples are.

Combining Ziath’s Mohawk, Mirage and SamplesTM sample management software with fully traceable Data Matrix 2D bar coded tubes the BB package offers you peace of mind, improved workflow and simplified sample tracking. What’s more, we can also offer a generous discount voucher off top-quality cryotubes, racks and SBS sample tubes from major European suppliers as part of this bundle.

Founded in 2005, Ziath specialises in development of innovative instrumentation control and information management products using 2D DataMatrix bar-coded tubes to simplify automation processes in life science organisations, from academia, to the biotech and pharma industries. For further information please visit