New Oncology to Collaborate with National Cancer Centre Singapore on Genetic Testing

Cologne, Germany, November 12, 2014 / B3C newswire / –New Oncology announced today that it has entered into a collaboration with the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS). Under this agreement, New Oncology will apply its proprietary diagnostic platform ‘NEO’ that enables physicians to select optimal targeted therapies for their patients. NEO provides a fully informative molecular cancer profile from the smallest quantities of patient samples with short turn-around times. No financial details were disclosed.

“Personalised therapy based on the individual genetic tumour profile of the patient has led to a paradigm change in oncology. Understanding how gene defects result in diseases has made the leap from research into practice, leading to therapeutic options providing an unprecedented benefit for cancer patients. As the number of known genetic changes that predict responses to targeted therapies continues to grow, comprehensive genomic diagnosis is a pivotal step to optimize clinical care” commented Prof. Axel Ullrich, founder of New Oncology.

“We are very pleased to work with NCCS, one of the most prestigious centres for research and treatment of cancer in Southeast Asia. We are looking forward to building a productive partnership with NCCS, and consider this move to be a major milestone in our international business expansion” said Dr Andreas Jenne, CEO of New Oncology.

New Oncology
New Oncology’s proprietary diagnostic platform ‘NEO’ empowers physicians to select the optimal targeted therapy for their patients, including participation in suitable clinical trials. Our pan-cancer diagnostic test NEOplus reliably detects actionable genetic alterations with short turn-around times. In contrast to conventional testing, NEOplus identifies all types of therapeutically relevant alterations, i.e. mutations, amplifications, insertions/deletions, as well as novel and known translocations, from one single patient sample. We work with a tumour board comprising renowned cancer experts, facilitating translation of the latest targeted therapy findings into optimized patient care. New Oncology is the molecular diagnostics division of Blackfield AG, a company specialising in cancer genome analysis.


Dr.Jutta Fritz
New Oncology / Blackfield AG