NeuroLogica Corporation Announces Partnership with MEYTEC GmbH

NeuroLogica Corporation and German based MEYTEC GmbH announced today the development of the world’s first comprehensive mobile stroke ambulance. Stroke-Emergency-Mobile, VIMED® STEMO, combines MEYTEC’s cutting-edge telemedicine solutions with NeuroLogica’s state of the art portable CT scanner, CereTomTM.

VIMED(R) STEMO is positioned at the forefront of this global initiative and is a viable solution for the early intervention and treatment of stroke in both rural and urban settings. Photo Credit Berlin Fire Department.

First conceived by the Charite-University Medicine Berlin, with the support of MEYTEC GmbH, VIMED® STEMO is currently embedded in the emergency service system of Berlin. VIMED® STEMO integrates a fully-functioning pre-clinical stroke care suite, comparable to most specialized stroke hospitals, with the added benefit of NeuroLogica’s portable CereTomTM CT scanner. The pairing allows the on-board stroke physician to quickly evaluate, diagnose and treat the patient within the first hour of onset. Utilizing 3G, 4G, and satellite connectivity, VIMED® STEMO will transmit fully-encrypted laboratory results, high-quality imaging and additional instruction to emergency rooms or trauma centers, greatly reducing time to treatment and possible mitigation of patient disability resulting from stroke.

“With the technological solution realized in STEMO, we have got a fascinating mobile facility that has already proven its technological stability and clinical usefulness in hundreds of cases,” according to Prof. Heinrich Audebert of Charite-University Medicine and head of the Stroke-Emergency-Mobile consortium. “Hyper-acute stroke care, including thrombolytic treatement before arrival at a hospital, has become reality in Berlin.”

If MEYTEC has provided the brains for VIMED® STEMO then NeuroLogica has provided the eyes. The CereTomTM is a portable 8-slice CT scanner that delivers the highest quality perfusion scans on the market. The combination of rapid scan time, flexible settings and immediate image viewing make CereTomTM an indispensable tool to any clinician needing real time data on critical patients.

“A large part of NeuroLogica’s vision is to deliver high quality imaging to people and places around the world that otherwise would not have access to this life saving technology,” said David Webster, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at NeuroLogica. “The partnership between NeuroLogica and MEYTEC, resulting in the development of the comprehensive stroke ambulance, is a real-world fulfillment of that vision. NeuroLogica is delighted to be part of this groundbreaking advancement in rapid stroke diagnosis and treatment.”

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and as the world’s population continues to age, governments and healthcare professionals are investing in new stroke treatment technology, thereby reducing the cost of care and rehabilitation. VIMED® STEMO is positioned at th#mce_temp_url#e forefront of this global initiative and is a viable solution for the early intervention and treatment of stroke in both rural and urban settings.

For more information on the NeuroLogica/MEYTEC collaboration, please contact Jason Wheeler at NeuroLogica at 1-978-564-8576 or by email at

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