Lonza’s New GSv9 Media and Feeds Maximize Yield and Batch-to-Batch Consistency to Support Recombinant Protein Production Scale-Up

Lonza has expanded its cell culture media portfolio with the addition of the GSv9™ Media and Feeds, providing a fully integrated solution specifically designed to optimize recombinant protein production using Lonza’s GS Gene Expression System®. The new chemically defined, animal-component free media and feeds are easy to implement, highly robust and enable greater batch-to-batch consistency. As a result, biopharmaceutical manufacturers can more easily develop streamlined and scalable bioproduction processes. The benefits enabled by the GSv9Media and Feeds will be demonstrated at a free 60-minute webinar on July 1, as well as through presentations at the Biologics Series: Virtual (27–28 August) and PEGS Virtual Interactive Global Summit (31 August–4 September).
Recombinant proteins derived from mammalian cell lines are a key source of biopharmaceuticals designed to treat many complex human diseases. However, in such a highly competitive market, biopharmaceutical manufacturers must ensure that they maximize protein yield and consistency whilst also expediting production times. One way to achieve this is by using specially developed, simple-to-use media and feeds that improve cellular productivity, streamline processing and eliminate sources of product variability.
With a focus on ease of implementation, Lonza is introducing the new GSv9™ Media and Feeds that deliver high performance with a simple and easy to use protocol. Furthermore, the solution has been developed using response surface optimization and multivariate propagation of error analysis to increase the intrinsic robustness of the production process. Additionally, the overall culturing time is designed for high facility throughput.
Webinar: Meet the Experts: Introducing the GSv9™ Media and Feeds for Lonza’s GS System®
Virtual symposium presentation: The Development of GSv9™ Media and Feeds: A High Performing and Easy to Use Optimized Media Platform for GS Xceed® Cell Line
Virtual poster presentation: Development of a Simple Robust High Performance Platform Production Process for GS Xceed® Cell Line

During the webinar, as well as at the Biologics Series: Virtual and PEGS Virtual Interactive Global Summit, Lonza experts will demonstrate how, through several complex analytical approaches, Lonza’s new solution has been designed to:

  • Increase process robustness for improved product consistency
  • Maximize cell concentration and protein yields
  • Reduce operational complexity for greater ease of use
  • Decrease batch duration for increased turnaround
Key Dates to Note:

  • Wednesday, 01 July 2020 8 AM PDT (Los Angeles)
  • 11 AM EDT (New York)
  • 4 PM BST (London)
  • 5 PM CEST (Berlin)
  • Presenters: Colin Jaques, Ph.D. Technical Director, Lonza Biologics and Faraz Harsini, Ph.D., Protein Expression and Process Development Scientist, XBiotech USA Inc.
By registering interest in the webinar, participants will also receive a link once it is available to watch “on demand” via the Lonza website.
Biologics Series: Virtual
Virtual symposium presentation including Q&A session
  • 27 August 2020, 11 AM
  • Presenters: Colin Jaques and Faraz Harsini
Virtual poster presentation
  • 27–28 August 2020 (throughout event duration)
PEGS Virtual Interactive Global Summit
Virtual poster presentation
  • 31 August–4 September 2020 (throughout event duration)
  • Presenter: Colin Jaques
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