Intelligent Single-Piece Flow Solution by FlexLink

FlexLink has developed a platform for efficient manufacturing based on pallet systems, and RFID solutions for track and trace and efficient production flow.

FlexLink presents pallet-based production logistic systems suitable for automation of various machining operations and optimisation of production flows. The system is equipped with RFID solutions for track and trace capability of individual products, and a CO² laser-marking system. The system can run mixed flows and customer order-initiated production. Moreover, it is based on FlexLink standard functions and components.

The standard pallets are equipped with RFID tags for identification, line control to give the product its given route and to record process data to the product status. The conveyor system, locating stations, diverters, mergers etc are equipped with RFID readers for the identification of the products and communication to the line control and manufacturing execution system.

With the integrated CO² laser-marking system, it is possible to write any marking on the individual products. The line control keeps track of the products and ensures that it gets its specific marking. This laser system is easy to integrate into FlexLink lines and is simple to adapt to customised applications.

The line design is compact and allows flexible routing via the line control, and diverters and mergers for the pallets / product carriers. This allows easy line balancing and operations flexibility