Innovatix to Exhibit at Inaugural National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Conference

Innovatix LLC the nation’s leading non-acute care group purchasing organization (GPO) will be exhibiting at the inaugural National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) Conference next week April 2-3 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

A founding sponsor of NASP Innovatix is dedicated to protecting and advancing the valuable role that specialty pharmacy plays in the U.S. healthcare system.

“Our specialty pharmacy initiatives are about a subset of very unique patient populations and ensuring that these patients have access to the drugs and educational support they need to successfully manage their conditions” says Innovatix President and CEO John P. Sganga. “We provide the drugs technology and services that our member pharmacies need to serve these patient populations.”

Innovatix is the only non-acute care GPO member of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII) an organization dedicated to promoting and monitoring best ethical and business practices. As a member of HGPII Innovatix follows a strict code of conduct that ensures high-quality transparent business processes. “There are many synergies between Innovatix and NASP” says Walter S. Geba Innovatix Senior Vice President of Contract Services and Chief Pharmacy Officer and Board Member of NASP. “We look forward to working with NASP and meeting with leaders from the specialty pharmacy community at next week’s conference.”

About NASP: The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy a not-for-profit organization founded in 2012 represents specialty pharmacy professionals in all practice settings and highlights the unique value its members bring to patients and the healthcare system. NASP is collaborating with other professional pharmacy associations certification boards accreditation organizations special interest groups specialty pharmacy organizations academics and researchers to create a unified voice for specialty pharmacy.

About Innovatix: Innovatix is a full-service group purchasing organization serving over 17500 non-acute care facilities throughout the United States. Innovatix is a joint venture between a subsidiary of GNYHA Ventures Inc. and a subsidiary of Premier Inc. Innovatix is dedicated to maintaining and growing an industry-leading contract portfolio of products and services that support their members’ goal to reduce expenses while helping to maintain and enhance the quality of services and care provided.