EcoCerta Biotecnologia Licenses Genetic ID’s GMO Testing Technology Genetic ID

testing technology to EcoCerta Analises Ambientais Ltda. (EcoCerta) in Brazil. As a licensee, EcoCerta will add GMO and species testing of agricultural and food products to its environmental testing portfolio. EcoCerta joins Genetic ID’s global network of GMO testing labs, known as the Global Laboratory Alliance (GLA). 

According to Marcelo Rossato, President, EcoCerta will use Genetic ID’s GMO testing technology to detect genetically modified material (GM) in a variety of agricultural and food products. Mr. Rossato says European Union regulations on the import of GM crops require that reliable, standardized detection methods are available in order to enforce the regulations. “We chose Genetic ID because they are the industry leader in GMO testing technology,” says Mr. Rossato. “Our customers test on both sides of the Atlantic ocean and sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability are critical.”

“We are very pleased that EcoCerta has joined our Global Laboratory Alliance,” says Genetic ID CEO Dr. Heather Secrist. “This addition effectively expands our group of testing laboratories in Brazil and provides more testing options for our customers. Like Genetic ID, EcoCerta is committed to offering customers a broad range of services in the areas of food safety and authenticity. This partnership allows us to further develop the Global Laboratory Alliance into specialized technical centers of excellence around the globe.”

ISO 17025 accredited

Genetic ID’s DNA-based, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology detects all commercialized genetically modified crops and precisely detects and precisely quantifies GM content in a wide range of raw crops, processed foods, and animal feed. In addition, Genetic ID has structured a rigorous quality system of controls, standards, and checks and balances to prevent analytical errors from occurring, thus ensuring the tightest security against false positive and false negative results.

Genetic ID was the first laboratory to receive ISO 17025 accreditation for GMO quantitative and varietal screening. In order to ensure delivery of the same high level of quality in technical services to customers, EcoCerta has applied for ISO 17025 accreditation.

Ensures standardized testing worldwide

EcoCerta joins Genetic ID’s Global Laboratory Alliance, a growing network of 17 expert laboratories that are providing uniform standards of excellence in GMO testing worldwide. GLA labs help food producers and exporters accurately test products both before and after export, thus minimizing risks of refused shipments and facilitating trade and regulatory compliance. Together with Genetic ID’s corporate-owned laboratories in the U.S., Japan, and Germany, the Global Laboratory Alliance has become a powerful force serving the food industry.