Cosmofarma Exhibition, the leading BolognaFiere event in Europe for products and services relating to the pharmacy world, will be returning to Bologna from April 17th-19th 2015. The exhibition is sponsored by Federfarma, the federation representing over 16,000 Italian pharmacies, heralding the renewal of the partnership to create special initiatives for Italian pharmacists. Cosmofarma is also backed by Cosmetica Italia’s Gruppo Cosmetici in Farmacia (Cosmetics in Pharmacies Group),

The 19th edition confirms the need to dwell on the new, understood as research, attention to new demands, enhancement of networking and network, always seen in a future perspective. Not surprisingly, the title chosen is “The Future is now”, a way to highlight the need for continuity in the development and use of strategies within the pharmaceutical companies. Cosmofarma, therefore, is in a position of “fair of projects”, an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the world of pharmacy, to develop the business in line with the current economic environment, leaving no stone unturned: projects, ideas, technological component, digital and manual activities. The goal is to offer to the exhibiting companies new ideas for overcoming the crisis.

This year Cosmofarma will be organized together with NUCE, the international fair for raw materials for the nutraceutic, cosmeceutic, functional foods and drinks and health ingredients industry, and FOOD-ING, the event dedicated to ingredients for all sectors of the food and beverage industry.

This partnership with Cosmofarma, the leading trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry, will enable visitors to view the entire nutraceutic and cosmeceutic chain, from formulations and raw materials to sales in traditional pharmaceutical channels. Visitors to Cosmofarma will have the chance, as they visit NUCE and FOOD-ING, to experience a journey through the ingredients and the manufacture of food and cosmetic products promoting consumers’ wellness, which are recording increased growth year on year in the global consumer economy.

Not-to-be-missed the scientific convention “Dermocosm – Vita Cutis”. This event will bring together dermatologists, cosmetic doctors, plastic surgeons, pharmacists and companies to discuss new discoveries for the health and wellbeing of our skin. The convention will be led by Professor Antonino Di Pietro, and it will follow the main theme of Cosmofarma 2015, as an opportunity for in-depth analysis of news and projects. It will promote scientific information and facts about products with reference to the latest innovations in the market, identify subjects of interest to both dermatologists and pharmacists, with the aim of developing cooperation between these two professional figures, and underline the project’s importance as an incentive for developing business in the future.

Cosmofarma Exhibition will also be hosting the Third Cosmofarma Observatory, entitled “The future is today: changing pharmacies and partnership models with pharmaceutical companies” and organised by Doxa Pharma. This round table debate, involving four pharmaceutical companies and four pharmacists, will focus on developments and the future of pharmacies in the light of results from Doxa Pharma’s latest research into different types of pharmacies.

Using these results as a starting point, the eight participants will be developing potential partnership models between pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, creating relationships with these companies in order to provide services, communication and specific training for pharmacists’ major needs.

Cosmofarma Exhibition 2015 will focus on innovation and scientific research, and it will be hosting the first Innovation and Research Prize, which was launched with the aim of fostering the creative capacities and the high level of innovation and research of companies exhibiting at the event. The prize will place particular focus on initiatives which have made a practical contribution to the development of pharmacies and the cultural and professional growth of pharmacists.

The best products and projects will be awarded prizes at Cosmofarma’s Gala Event during the evening of Friday 17th April 2015.

Linked to the theme of innovation and research, Cosmofarma and Wellcare, the marketing and communications agency specialising in health and beauty care, will be launching the first Startup Village. This initiative is dedicated to start-ups and innovative projects that are ideal for service-providing pharmacies and pharmaceutical marketing because they can use the benefits of the latest technology to support traditional pharmacological treatments. In the Cosmofarma Startup Village by Wellcare area, visitors and companies will be able to experience the future of the pharmaceutical world as imagined by young entrepreneurs and researchers from major university centres. This ties in perfectly with the focus on innovation and projects for the future encapsulated by the Cosmofarma 2015 motto.

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