CIT strengthens services in immunotoxicology

CIT, a leading European CRO specializing in non-clinical health and safety research, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new multi-disciplinary team of experienced scientists dedicated to providing non-clinical, advanced immunological research. The team, comprising of study directors, pathologists and biologists and supervised by Prof. Jacques Descotes, a world-recognized expert in immunotoxicology, will work with CIT’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers to assess the efficacy and safety of innovative new drugs. The company also announces substantial investments in equipment for immunological assays. These include a multi-color flow cytometer Navios (TM) (Beckman Coulter), two multiplex platforms (Luminex(R) and MesoScale Discovery(R)), and a Ventana(TM) XP-Discovery histology stainer, which are GLP compliant.

CIT’s assays are fully validated with reference substances, with a constantly expanding catalogue of tests that already includes:

* Immunotoxicology studies in several animal models including parameters recommended by ICH S6 and S8 guidelines (T dependant immune antibody response to KLH, lymphocyte subsets in blood and lymphoid organs, NK-cell activity, semi-quantitative histopathological examination of lymphoid organs)
* Measurement of a large panel of cytokines and inflammation biomarkers, including those requested by the FDA to assess the reactogenicity of vaccines
* Contact sensitivity assays (LLNA tests, Magnusson-Kliegman and Buehler)
* Photosensitivity tests (Photo-LLNA)
* Delayed-type hypersensitivity assays with tetanus toxin
* Tissue cross-reactivity studies on human and animal tissue panels
* Immunogenicity evaluation of biotechnology-derived therapeutic products

The CIT immunology team is continuously sharing common training experiences and objectives to increase the scientific value of services to the company’s pharma and biotech customers within this complex domain. Results of in-house investigations have been and will be presented at major toxicology meetings and published in the scientific literature.

CIT is also pleased to announce a partnership with Summerschool in Immunotoxicology, the longest established scientific event in the world entirely dedicated to immunotoxicology. The 20th Summerschool in Immunotoxicology on “New models and assays in immunotoxicity evaluation” will be held in Beaune (France) on September 26-28, 2011. Further details on this event are now available at:

“Setting up this multi-disciplinary team focused on immunotoxicology is part of CIT’s strategy to reinforce and develop high-level scientific expertise to cope with the increasing complexity of toxicology testing,” said Dr Sophie Baratte, CIT’s managing director. “We are dedicated to providing added value to our customers by conducting validated advanced investigations under GLP compliance regulations across a wide range of services for non-clinical safety assessment.”

About CIT

CIT is a science-driven, independent, non-clinical contract research organization (CRO) specialized in safety and health research. Founded in 1969, CIT has carried out a vast number of projects for international companies on human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, agrochemicals and consumer products. It has contributed to many product registrations around the world.