Cancer Vaccine Company DCPrime and Janssen To Collaborate on Potential New Therapy

Cancer vaccine company DCPrime BV today announced that it has entered into a research and optional license agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. The collaboration has been facilitated in conjunction with the Johnson & Johnson London Innovation Centre where a team of business science and transaction experts are identifying and building novel early-stage collaborations with emerging companies.

Under the agreement Janssen will utilize DCPrime’s DCOne™ technology in feasibility studies for the development of a dendritic cell-based vaccine. Additionally Janssen will have the option to further develop a candidate therapeutic towards regulatory approval.

“DCPrime is always looking for new opportunities for our DCOne technology” said Marcel Zwaal CEO of DCPrime. “We are very excited to be able to work with Janssen and it will enable us to further extend the use our vaccine products.”

About DCPrime

DCPrime develops off-the-shelf dendritic cell-based vaccines for a broad range of cancer types based on its unique proprietary technology platform DCOne™. DCOne-based dendritic cell vaccines in some indications loaded with cancer antigens for targeted treatment will be used as standardized therapeutic products. The platform combines the power of dendritic cell-based vaccines with the advantages of allogeneic stimulation of the immune system and the simple logistics of off-the-shelf products. DCPrime has successfully completed a Phase I/IIa study in AML and has developed a commercial scale manufacturing process for DCOne-based vaccines.