BioPet Vet Lab Unveils Global “Proof of Parentage” Dog DNA Program

In the high stakes world of dog breeding and dog competitions, the verification of a purebred dog’s lineage will soon have high-tech support. BioPet Vet Lab, a biotechnology company specializing in canine genetic testing and the DNA World Pet Registry, an internationally compatible DNA data warehouse, captured the attention of the 2011 World Dog Show in Paris, France, with the debut of a new dog DNA testing program.
“Dog breeding and competition is a multi-million dollar industry with some pet owners paying thousands of dollars for the pick of the litter from a highly-prized lineage,” said Tom Boyd, CEO of BioPet Vet Lab. “At this time DNA parentage testing isn’t mandatory for most clubs, but we see it becoming an industry standard within the next few years.”

Consumer investment in dog breeding has been at record-breaking levels in recent years. In March 2011, a Tibetan mastiff fetched a price of $1.5 million (US) and the title of world’s most expensive dog. The rising prices asked for purebred pups and advances in the possibility of DNA testing of canines have led numerous breeders and clubs abroad and in the United States to begin pushing for a DNA certification process. Early concerns with implementing dog DNA testing focused on the cost of the testing, the time delays in getting lab results and compatibility.

Over the past several years, BioPet has worked with a technology firm, Boyd Tech Inc., to develop a DNA Proof of Parentage tracking system that is accurate, quick, cost-effective and can be used anywhere in the world. Boyd Tech’s development of the DNA World Pet Registry is the key to being able to make this test the industry’s preferred choice. Using the Registry’s patent pending technology, BioPet can now deliver a DNA Proof of Parentage testing system that can be used and shared by dog breeders and kennel clubs anywhere in the world.

The World Dog Show, hosted this year by La Société Centrale Canine, The French Kennel Club, a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), provided a perfect world stage to unveil the new parentage testing program. BioPet attended the international show with Boyd Tech, and AlValley LLC, BioPet’s FCI Kennel Club distributor. BioPet’s representatives were delighted by the positive response received at the show.

“Presidents and delegates of kennel clubs from all over the world wanted to talk with us,” said Michael Boyd, Senior Software Developer at Boyd Tech. “Representatives from Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Asian sub-continent sought us out to discuss how the program and secure data management could be implemented in each of their countries.”

The Knoxville, Tennessee-based biotech firm returned from the Paris dog show with more than an enthusiastic response for the Proof of Parentage program. Conversations at the World Dog Show introduced BioPet representatives to new opportunities to bring the company’s success in canine genetic testing to the everyday lives of breeders and kennel clubs.

“Input from the World Dog Show’s participants helped our team discover a need for additional complimentary services of benefit to consumers, breeders and clubs,” said Boyd. “Our research and development teams are hard at work pursuing these new ideas and opportunities.”

BioPet Vet Lab’s debut of the “Proof of Parentage” program is the most recent venture on the world stage for the business, which has been receiving international media attention for its PooPrints™ program, where communities can test dog waste against a database to identify offending pet owners who refuse to pick up after their pets. The program has become a popular concept among apartment communities, condo associations, and resort areas seeking to control quality of life and health issues caused by pet waste.

About BioPet Vet Lab: BioPet Vet Lab is an animal DNA testing laboratory located in Knoxville, Tennessee. BioPet’s research and development group explores genetic science in order to offer new tests that can be used to improve the healthcare and quality of life for our beloved pets.

About DNA World Pet Registry: The DNA World Pet Registry is an internationally compatible DNA storage warehouse. The Registry works with various DNA-based products and services that can provide something to almost everyone involved in the pet industry.

About AlValley LLC: AlValley LLC produces and distributes high-quality leather leashes and collars for dogs. The company is also an authorized distributor of BioPet’s DNA Proof of Parentage system.