BioAlliance Pharma extends and strengthens the protection of AMEP® with the grant of two patents in the US

BioAlliance Pharma SA , an innovative Company dedicated to the development of orphan oncology products and to supportive care products, announces two key achievements in the development of its biotherapy AMEP® with the decision of granting two patents by the USPTO .

AMEP® is a protein targeting specific receptors expressed on melanoma cells and involved in both tumor growth and angiogenesis (inhibition of tumor vascularization necessary for its growth). As the protein cannot be directly administered, the Company has developed a technology aiming at administering the specific gene (the AMEP® biotherapy) which, once inside the cell, will enable synthesis of the active AMEP® protein.

After Asia and Europe, BioAlliance Pharma has obtained the US patent protecting the metastatic melanoma treatment by the AMEP® biotherapy. This patent provides a protection until 2022. Moreover, the USPTO has recently given its allowance to deliver another patent on this same product to BioAlliance Pharma, covering the specific method of administration of the gene coding for AMEP® protein until 2026.

« We are particularly proud of these American grants as patents based on the use of genes are particularly difficult to obtain from the USTPO. These decisions reinforce and extend the protection of our product and confirm the innovation brought by our AMEP® biotherapy,” declares Aude Michel, Vice President Licensing and Legal Affairs, and European Patent Attorney of BioAlliance Pharma.

BioAlliance Pharma is pursuing the development of AMEP® with a second European Phase I/II trial via intramuscular administration. It aims at evaluating the safety and efficacy profile via systemic route in patients with metastatic melanoma.

« Intellectual property is a key asset of the Company. BioAlliance Pharma’s portfolio reflects the Company’s strategy and its capacity of innovation; the portfolio today consists of 22 families of published patents, including 289 patents and patent applications related to our products and technologies.The patents granted by the American authorities on the AMEP® biotherapy reinforce the value of this promising asset by ensuring a protection on this key market, and ensure a protection already well established,” added Judith Greciet, CEO of BioAlliance Pharma.

About BioAlliance Pharma

Dedicated to cancer and supportive care treatment with a focus on resistance targeting and orphan products, BioAlliance conceives and develops innovative products, for specialty markets especially in the hospital setting and for orphan or rare diseases.

Created in 1997 and introduced to the Euronext Paris market in 2005, BioAlliance Pharma’s ambition is to become a leading player in these fields by coupling innovation to patient needs. The company’s teams have the key competencies required to identify, develop and register drugs in Europe and the USA.

BioAlliance Pharma has developed an advanced product portfolio:

Specialty products

Loramyc®/Oravig® (oropharyngeal candidiasis in immunocompromised patients): Registered in 28 countries (EU, US, Korea)

Sitavir®/Sitavig® (Acyclovir LauriadTM) (labialis herpes): Positive phase III final results; registration status

Fentanyl LauriadTM (chronic cancer pain): Positive preliminary Phase I results

Oncology Orphan products

Livatag® (Doxorubicin Transdrug™) (primary liver cancer): Phase III on going

Validive® (Clonidine LauriadTM) (mucositis): Phase II on going

AMEP® (invasive melanoma): Phase I on going