Anton Paar Releases New MCP 100 Polarimeter

The new, extremely compact MCP 100 polarimeter now helps anyone working with optically active substances to reach all required targets in a fully traceable fashion. Its high quality is a given: the instrument is launched by technology leader Anton Paar – making the renowned quality of the MCP series available to customers working on a smaller budget.

Pharmacists and other operatives working with chiral materials want to keep their customer promise and meet all requirements in a fully traceable fashion by using optically active substances that fulfill all quality standards.

However, regulations are constantly growing and requirements have changed. Most older polarimeters no longer provide the safety and traceability required. Standard procedures require 20°C or 25°C, which can only be reached with thermostatic water baths.

Anton Paar’s new MCP 100 complies with all national and international pharmacopoeias, so every user can be sure of a solution that is fit for the future. The instrument’s fast and stable automatic Peltier temperature control entirely eliminates the risk of measurement errors due to inaccurate sample temperature.

The instrument’s unique Toolmaster™ function provides the automatic identification of quartz control plates and sample cells with wireless transfer to the instrument software. This means no manual data entry is required during the adjustment process; operators can count on maximum comfort and surpassing traceability.

Based on proven technology, MCP 100 is maintenance-free and always ready to use, at the push of a button. In addition, operation is easy – users can simply switch on the instrument, measure the sample and obtain correct results within seconds.