AIBioTech Expands Bioorganic Chemistry Platform

AIBioTech is quickly gaining ground in the niche market of custom synthesis of small molecules, including molecules which contain stable isotopes of particular atoms. The products of these syntheses are routinely used by our customers in their own drug development programs or as reference standards for sophisticated methods of sample analysis. In response to customer demand, AIBioTech has added staff and instrumentation necessary to produce gram quantities of dozens of compounds on a monthly basis, and has repeat orders from both domestic and international customers.

“Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our bioorganic chemistry group headed by Dr. Karen Carter, AIBioTech is now internationally recognized as a leading provider of complex molecules synthesized to our customer’s specifications,” commented Dr. Robert B. Harris, President and CSO of AIBioTech. “Coupled with its underlying capabilities in Quality Assurance, AIBioTech is able to provide these compounds with a Certificate of Analysis, which is highly valuable to our customers. We anticipate expanding this product line through aggressive marketing efforts.”

About AIBioTech LLC

AIBioTech is a comprehensive Contract Research Organization which provides integrated research and development sciences and clinical testing services to physicians and life sciences investigators inbiotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and in several different government agencies. Core laboratory services include bioanalytical and bioorganic chemistries, biochemistry, immunochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, virology, and comprehensive DNA sequence analysis. AIBioTech provides consultation on experimental design and offers services under GLP and non-GLP compliance. These services are offered individually or can be integrated to support product development from discovery to market with full Regulatory Support.