Fairfield Group Launched Multi-Scan Solution for Pharmaceutical Packaging Requirements

Leading edge auto ID solutions provider Fairfield Group launched a compliant scan solution that integrates with current and future pharmaceutical industry packaging requirements. The three main barcodes used currently on Pharmaceutical packaging are 1D traditional barcodes, Pharmacodes, and the increasingly popular 2D data matrix barcode. The multi scan solution from Fairfield identifies all three major codes in one simple scan. Fairfield are well known for their specialism and knowledge sharing approach in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare markets, they are often called on for their 2D expertise, and this solution has been designed for easy implementation into new or existing processes, either on or off-line.

Lee Wragg, Fairfield’s Business Development Director said, It can be as simple as a straight swap for existing technology. The scan system itself has unmatched code reading performance and is an industry breakthrough. It offers speed and versatility and is set to save Pharmaceutical companies time, money and effort whilst increasing productivity in a time of change. 

In a bid to overcome counterfeiting, various countries are changing packaging requirements to increase traceability and increase the data carried by product, a feature of which is 2D data matrix barcoding. 2D data matrix codes are better equipped to handle data requirements than the traditional 1d striped barcode or pharmacode, they uniquely identify each individual pack, and enable the serialisation of drugs at the unit level. They are also considered by some as a sensible cost effective solution to RFID tags which are still an expensive option for most, due to their unit cost and level of process integration required for adoption.  The adoption of 2D, however, it should be said, does not impact RFID implementation at a later stage if it was required, in terms of cost or process.

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) have championed 2D coding for some time now, citing it as a technology driver that helps protect patients in the war against counterfeit drugs. This is also in addition to the value of the information that 2D tracking can bring within pharmacy workflow and POS & overall pharmaceutical supply chains that can be used to make management decisions designed to also enhance patient safety whilst maximising productivity and reducing unnecessary costs.

Mark Lynch, Fairfield’s Managing Director said: This solution is a cost effective, powerful component in the current drive to protect patients from the increasing number of counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain. Fake products can creep in at any part of the chain and this system is an important component of the validation process. It enables clients to read any valid current code, without having to change scanners, saving masses of time and effort.

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About Fairfield

Fairfield specialises in auto id solutions within supply chain applications & processes. Customers have been enhancing their asset tracking, manufacturing, logistics or traceability operations with the help of Fairfield for over 18 years.  With specific in-house expertise on technology enablers such as barcoding, RFID and 2D barcodes, and a friendly, completely independent knowledge sharing approach, Fairfield ensures clients integrate solutions that achieve their goals.  A wide client base covers Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive and Food & Beverage. Headquartered in Droitwich Spa, Fairfield are considered one of the few global experts in the field of 2D barcode technology, particularly within the  surgical instrument asset tracking arena and are invited to consult and speak about this on a regular basis.