Chesapeake installs new Vijuk MV-2011 folder

Chesapeake Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging, has installed a new Vijuk MV-2011 Large Format Folder at its Hicksville, Long Island facility in New York.

The folder will produce patient-information leaflets for the healthcare market. The MV-11 Outsert System folds outserts as small as 1-1/8″ x 1-1/8″, flatter, 15% thinner, and with up to 40% more panels than previous models.

The MV-11 Triple Knife Outsert System can fold outserts with up to 238 panels; it also features an upgraded glue system and a digital water score system, the company said.

Chesapeake Sales & Marketing North America VP Christopher Cassidy said the installation of this technology is a key step in their investment program undertaken over the past two years.

“Chesapeake’s continued investment in next-generation production equipment such as the MV-11 ensures that we will maintain and strengthen the service levels we deliver to our customers,” Cassidy added.