AlpVision, Nolato partner to protect pharmaceutical primary plastic packaging

AlpVision and Nolato Medical have collaborated to protect primary plastic packaging and medical devices against counterfeiting.

The AlpVision’s patented Fingerprint technology is used in the partnership, which enables brand owners in the pharmaceutical industry to track and validate mass produced products manufactured in a mold with a scanner or an iPhone.

The process, which builds on AlpVision’s authentication solution, involves capturing a digital image of the intrinsic microscopic surface irregularities found in a mold.

The image is then used as a reference to authenticate an entire production of molded parts, such as vials, containers and lids, test tubes and caps.

Nolato Medical president Christer Wahlquist said, “AlpVision’s Fingerprint solution is a welcome addition to our company’s product portfolio, which already consists of a range of tamper-evident caps. The solution can also be used for medical devices which need to be protected against counterfeiting.”