Taiwan, US Team Up To Establish A Digital Health Ecosystem

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society- HIMSS – US as well as the National Health Insurance Administration- NHIA in Taiwan, which happens to be an agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, have gone on to enter into an agreement so as to collaborate and work together to promote digital change in numerous areas like digital capacity building, population health, workforce development, as well as cybersecurity resilience.

The MoU was recently signed in Taipei City, Taiwan, by Chung-Liang Shih, HIMSS President & CEO Hal Wolf, and NHIA Director General. The signing ceremony was attended by important hospital executives along with government officials.

HIMSS and the NHIA are collaborating so as to revolutionize Taiwan’s healthcare system. Their objective is to transition from the present disease management approach to a future-oriented health system that caters to the actual needs of the population in the post-pandemic scenario. This collaboration looks to modernize and also align Taiwan’s healthcare system with the changing demands of the people it happens to serve.

It is well to be noted that the collaboration comes with the objective of creating a digital health ecosystem by way of an evidence-driven approach, which will be created upon the HIMSS digital capacity and also maturity frameworks. This evaluation offers a crystal-clear comprehension of the current situation and priorities at the nation, health system, and also provider levels. It assists in refining priorities so as to maximize the health outcomes of the population.

This partnership will go on to enhance Taiwan’s cybersecurity resilience by leveraging the expertise, thought leadership, as well as advice of HIMSS subject matter experts. HIMSS and the NHIA are joining hands in order to elevate the digital health workforce by offering curated courses, professional certifications, as well as accredited continuing education. These educational options will be taken care of by renowned healthcare professionals, thereby making sure that individuals are equipped with all the essential skills so as to support the development when it comes to a strong digital health ecosystem.