South Australia Government Looks To Boost Biomanufacturing

Biomanufacturing industry is all set to get the much-needed push by the recent South Australian Government’s announcement when it comes to new initiatives as far as training and development of next generation researchers in this field are concerned.

This will help support the collaborations that the University of Adelaide already has with the sector partners. Apparently, a novel industry-linked initiative has been put in place as a part of the government’s Industry Doctoral Training Center push that brings together the universities of the state with numerous industry partners.

It is well to be noted that biomanufacturing is a kind of manufacturing or biotechnology that makes use of biological systems to commercially produce significant biomolecules and biomaterials for usage in medicine, industrial applications, as well as food and beverage processing. For instance, the University of Adelaide is collaborating with one of the companies that is into the manufacturing of next-generation vaccines. Apparently, the collaboration is going to be on a novel mRNA vaccine development that is not going to require any sort of ultracold storage or transportation, as confirmed by BioProcess Engineering professor from the University of Adelaide, Robert Falconer.

PhD students are going to be a part of the group, which will be working on projects that will be co-designed with the partners of the university and thereby offer peer-to-peer learning as well as mutual support.

They will have the opportunity to enhance their skills, which will in turn set them on a growth trajectory in their respective careers and also provide them with a wide range of opportunities simultaneously with specific doctoral trainings so as to develop contacts and also understand the sectors as well as business requirements. It has been decided that the PhD researchers will begin their training under the new initiative this year itself.