Singapore Witnesses A $50mn Funding In Research & Innovation

NUS Academic Medical Centre and SingHealth in Singapore have announced a gift of $50 million, which will be transformational, from the Lee Foundation that will aid in providing support for the advancement of research and innovation via programmes as well as initiatives across the AMC health discovery district—an ecosystem that will be complete with innovation centres that would connect the SingHealth campus, which includes the upcoming eastern general hospital as well.

The Academic Medicine Innovation Institute, which came into being in 2021, will look into the upbringing of a vibrant culture within the ecosystem.

This Lee Foundation gift will push the AMC’s vision to strengthen and design the frameworks in order to hasten the progress across healthcare innovation with pilot grants and funding, seed the potential for innovation and discovery, and also go all out when it comes to bringing out medicines with the help of new research programmes.

Chairman of SingHealth, Cheng Wai Keung pledged a $9 million support for ecosystem of dementia program in the National Neuroscience Institute. There were a total of 30 donors who contributed. The program, which is expected to launch in April 2023, looks to deliver key life-transforming services and also give out compassionate support across the care continuum for patients suffering from dementia as well as their families and caregivers, from screening to community care to intervention and rehabilitation.

Apart from this, the GK Goh family gave a gift of $5 million that was made in honour of the executive chairman and founder of GK Goh Holdings. The amount that is pledged will allow the establishment of proposed centre for neuroscience research which will help scientists from Duke-NUS to study the mechanisms behind the human brain ageing and the issues that underpin the degenerative disorders with the focus to developing effective novel therapeutics and also strategies in order to slow the process of ageing and take care of debilitating illnesses related to neuro.