Singapore eDevelopment’s Biomedical Subsidiary Confirms 100% Repellency of 3F Mosquito Fragrance

Singapore Exchange-listed Singapore eDevelopment Limited (“SeD”) announced that its U.S. biomedical subsidiary, Global BioLife Inc. (“Global BioLife”) has completed development and testing of mosquito deterring technologies including fragrances, paints, and fabric.

In August 2017 SeD announced that Global BioLife was collaborating with U.S.-based Chemia Corporation (“Chemia”) to develop a suite of fragrances for medical applications, referred to as 3F (Functional Fragrance Formulation). In addition to 3F, the two companies have also worked together to create photonic mosquito deterring paints and fabric.

3F Mosquito Fragrance (“3F Mosquito”), which is made up of specialized oils sourced from botanicals that mosquitoes avoid, has shown 100% repellency against mosquitoes in laboratory testing. Global BioLife contracted U.S.-based Snell Scientifics, LLC (“Snell”) in Meansville, Georgia to conduct the mosquito studies for the mosquito deterring technologies.

Global BioLife has entered into further collaboration with Chemia to co-develop 3F Mosquito into laundry detergents, shampoos, and lotions to provide a revolutionary alternative to traditional mosquito repellents. The two companies plan to license 3F products globally to manufacturers and distributers. The 3F Mosquito product is based on extensive research of botanical oils which possess mosquito repelling properties. When 3F is infused into products such as detergents, shampoos, and lotions, consumers will be provided with multiple layers of protection against mosquito bites.

“Chemia is very excited to introduce these sustainable and tested fragrances to provide natural alternatives to protecting consumers from the risk of mosquito transmitted diseases,” said Mr. Thomas A. Meyer, Chemia’s Vice-President of Innovation and Sustainability.

Developed by natural products scientist Mr. Daryl Thompson and formulated by Chemia, the uniquely-designed mosquito deterring paints and functional fabric both deter mosquitoes by chemical-free photonic means; a wavelength of light is emitted that mosquitoes avoid. Snell reported that Global BioLife’s photonic mosquito paints and mosquito fabric both exhibit degrees of repellency effective against mosquitoes.

Global BioLife and Chemia have designed the mosquito deterring fabric for use in outdoor apparel, hats, tents, and other camping gear. The mosquito deterring paints were designed as exterior paints for homes as well as commercial applications. These new mosquito deterring technologies are non-chemical methods of repelling mosquitoes for consumers.

The market for safe mosquito repellents and deterrents is growing as the risk of Zika grows. The most vulnerable group of our population at highest risk for Zika infection may be pregnant women, because of their avoidance and dislike of Deet containing products. Although studies regarding the safety of Deet have been conducted, pregnant women continue to be hesitant to use Deet-containing products. The Center for Disease Control of the United States has released multiple statements attempting to convince pregnant women that the use of Deet is safe.

Dr. Peggy Tang, Global BioLife’s CEO, commented: “We expect that these new techniques for fighting mosquito bites will be very appealing to consumers. We are providing unique and useful products, free of harsh chemicals. Due to the perceived toxicity of Deet and the avoidance of chemicals by consumers, Global BioLife’s chemical-free products will have a direct advantage over traditional mosquito repellents.”

“The objective in the design of 3F Mosquito was to identify and create a suitable formula that was both pleasant and would excel in protective abilities against mosquitoes. We have achieved that goal,” Mr. Daryl Thompson, Global BioLife’s Director of Scientific Initiatives, said of 3F Mosquito. “These oils are scientifically proven to affect mosquitoes’ receptors, essentially making the mosquito blind to your presence. 3F offers a pleasant scent while providing layers of protection to keep people safe from mosquito bites.”

“Biomedical science has become increasingly vital. Global BioLife is proud to be taking steps to provide solutions to issues that have been plaguing the biomedical field for decades. This collaboration marks one of the first steps in actively changing the game of healthcare,” said SeD and Global BioLife Executive Chairman Mr. Chan Heng Fai.

In addition to 3F Mosquito, Global BioLife is working with Chemia on the formulation of additional 3F fragrances to fight stress and anxiety and 3F for anti-viral medical applications.

Mr. Thomas Meyer added: “This groundbreaking partnership with Global BioLife sets the stage for a steady stream of innovative fragrances that feature functional properties in various consumer product applications.”

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With an aging population and a growing focus in healthcare issues, biomedical science has become increasingly vital. GBLI strives to leverage its scientific know-how and intellectual property rights to provide solutions that have been plaguing the biomedical field for decades. By tapping into the scientific expertise of GRDGS and Holista, GBLI pledges to undertake a concerted effort in the R&D, drug discovery and development for the prevention, inhibition and treatment of neurological, oncology and immuno-related diseases. GBLI is also collaborating with its partners to develop second generation mosquito defence technologies, which are DEET alternatives, to protect against mosquito transmitted diseases such as Zika and Dengue. For more information, please visit:

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