Selventa receives new patent for discovery of biomarker profiles

Selventa, a biomarker discovery company, has received US patent entitled Computer-aided Discovery of Biomarker Profiles in Complex Biological Systems.

The patent is related to methods and techniques that facilitate discovery of biomarkers and aid in the development of predictive and prognostic diagnostic tests for therapeutics targeting complex multi-factorial diseases.

The patent describes a method of biomarker discovery using a model representative of one or more causative biophysical or biochemical relationships underlying a biological state in a biological system.

A candidate set of biological data is compared against the model to discern a candidate biomarker for the biological state.

A sample received from a patient will be assayed for the presence of the candidate biomarkers to discern a biological state of the patient.

Selventa president and CEO David Graaf said that using the technique, biomarkers may be developed to predict efficacy or toxic effects of a drug.