Phastar Vice President Prof Jennifer Visser-Rogers Named in Women in Data Twenty in Data & Technology

Prof Jennifer Visser-Rogers, Vice President, Statistical Research and Consultancy at Phastar, has been announced as one of the Women in Data® Twenty in Data & Technology. The 6th series is a showcase of inspirational, trailblazing and dedicated women, encompassing every level of seniority and data discipline, from research to production and academia to commerce.

Prof Visser-Rogers directs the research strategy at Phastar, a global specialist biometrics contract research organization, and provides leadership and advice to statistical consultancy activities. Jennifer is a highly active member of the Royal Statistical Society, President Elect of the British and Irish Region of the International Biometrics Society, and can frequently be found talking statistics in schools, theatres and in the media.

Commenting on receiving the recognition, Prof Visser-Rogers said: “It is an honour to be recognized in Series 6 of Women in Data® Twenty in Data & Technology and be part of a growing community helping to address under-representation of women in the data industry. When I was at school, I found maths really abstract and I couldn’t connect with the subject. But when I started doing statistics, and I saw how you could visualize and analyse data, it ignited a fire in me. I hope showcasing the achievements of myself and my fellow nominees will help other girls and women to find their own passion for data.”

Phastar Chief Executive Officer Graham Clark said: “We are delighted to see Jennifer receive this truly well-deserved recognition from Women in Data®. Jennifer keeps Phastar at the cutting edge of new statistical developments and leads our research activities. She also heads up our Phastar Cares initiative, which offers pro bono access to our specialist statisticians, programmers, and data managers.

At Phastar women account for 54% of Analysts and Data Scientists, with the industry standard currently at 25%, we will continue our own efforts to increase diversity and representation across our industry.”

Women in Data® plays a key role in driving more accurate representation wherever data is being gathered and analysed. It provides a platform that allows professionals at all levels to share their knowledge and experience, while working alongside businesses to help them embrace and develop the enormous advantages generated by diversity.

Payal Jain, head judge and chair of Women in Data® said: “Now in its 6th series, the Twenty continues to celebrate role models – after all you can’t be, what you can’t see. We’re delighted to witness the largest spread of nominations yet, with diversity of awardees across industry and seniority. Seeing how creativity and AI has been used to bring Series 6 to life has been amazing!”