Optimal boosts support for PAT and Pharma 4.0 in APAC

Optimal Industrial Technologies is expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region by making new appointments, enhancing its local support as well as strengthening strategic partnerships. The move will boost access to Optimal’s capabilities and reflects its commitment to lead pharmaceutical companies through the digital transformation with future-oriented data-driven solutions and services.

The already prominent APAC (bio)pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing, with market research forecasting that it will soon become the world’s largest. 59.7% of the global export value of antibiotics came from China, India, Singapore and South Korea in 2022 [1].

In order to maintain these trends, industry players in the region need to implement innovative technologies that can advance key operations, from R&D to production and testing. To meet the soaring demand for these data-driven solutions, Optimal is fortifying its support network in the region to address customer and market needs with its leading knowledge management platform, synTQ.

The software is considered an essential component for effective Process Analytical Technology (PAT) frameworks as well as an enabler for the digitalisation of manufacturing and Pharma 4.0. By supporting the generation of in-depth process knowledge and the automation of drug development, quality testing and real-time process control, synTQ helps optimise efficiencies, cost and cycle times to ultimately enhance profitability.

In line with Optimal’s commitment to advance the pharmaceutical sector and its players, the PAT leader is introducing enhancements to its existing customer support and experience offering. As part of these efforts, the company’s experts are expanding their presence at leading events, e.g. debuting at BioJapan. Optimal is also investing in its network of system integrators and PAT consultants, better empowering and equipping its partners and local entities to deliver highly effective PAT, digital manufacturing and smart lab setups that benefit end users while delivering increased value to partners.

Finally, Dom Naish-Cork was recently appointed as dedicated Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific. In his new role, he will be responsible for overseeing the overall business of the region. Dom Naish-Cork said: “I am excited to leverage my technical skills and business acumen to help APAC pharmaceutical companies with the transition towards more sustainable and effective smart manufacturing. As businesses in the area look for ways to improve their performance, capabilities and better serve patients, I look forward to helping them succeed in this venture. With support from the Optimal team and its partners, industry players can gain the assurance and confidence to rapidly futureproof their operations.”