Next Generation Proteomics Excel Singapore Precision Drugs

The National University of Singapore’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine has gone on to launch the NUS Medicine Protein Biomarker Discovery Core Facility, which will hand out the Olink Target 96 and 48, Olink Explore 3072, as well as Olink Explore 1536, and also the recently launched Olink Flex platforms.

These solutions, when it comes to advanced protein biomarker research, range from high-throughput discovery and high-plex to more targeted biomarker studies.

The Olink technology allows for a screening that is high throughput and is able to detect a large amount of proteins in much smaller amounts of biological samples like saliva and blood plasma, which can very well be protein biomarkers for the disease.

Based at NUS Medicine, the core facility will go on to support scientists as well as researchers from the National University of Singapore as well as the industry, both domestically and globally, when it comes to their understanding of the disease and also the efficacies and outcomes of treatment. This would also help and empower the pharma companies to better gauge the mode of action and, at the same time, the dose selection of new drugs as well as follow up on the clinical trials.

Yet another focus when it comes to the facility is going to be population health studies support, which is gaining immense attraction and interest from the pharmaceutical industry across the world. Apparently, Singapore happens to be uniquely placed when it comes to diverse ethnicities as well as highly developed research infrastructure, besides the widespread global partnerships that it has.

It is well to note that the core facility will go on to utilise the Olink technology for a wide range of projects, such as those in the fields of stroke, heart failure, healthy aging, diabetes, and cancer, as well as other infectious diseases and large cohort studies.

The technology will go on to enhance patient categorization, elevated diagnosis, and disease management, while at the same time supporting novel drug development with the new tests and treatment prospects that will go on to benefit Singapore.