Mirus Bio Expandes TransIT-VirusGEN SELECT Portfolio with the Addition of Transfection Kits to Increase Titers in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Mirus Bio, a leading provider of delivery solutions within Gamma Biosciences, today launched TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Kits for large-scale viral vector production for cell and gene therapy applications. The kits support pre-clinical and process development activities and consist of the TransIT-VirusGEN Transfection Reagent, complex formation solution and enhancer. The full kits are designed to improve the delivery of packaging and transfer plasmid DNA constructs to suspension and adherent HEK 293 cell types for adeno-associated virus (AAV) or lentivirus (LV) production.

The TransIT-VirusGEN SELECT Transfection Reagent and Kits are identical in formulation to the fully synthetic and animal-origin-free, TransIT-VirusGEN GMP Transfection Reagent and Kits. All kits have quality release testing to simplify the process of qualifying ancillary materials used in the manufacture of viral vectors. Benefits of these solutions include:

  • Transfection solutions that bridge research and development to clinical activities
  • Tested to confirm performance, formulation identity, sterility, low endotoxin levels, and absence of mycoplasma
  •  A scalable resource to help simplify the supply chain

“Demand for cell and gene therapies continues to rise, driving a need to move break-through research into the clinic faster,” said Dale Gordon, CEO at Mirus Bio. “And innovative solutions to increase process efficiency that yield more doses is necessary. Our team is addressing these needs with the TransIT-VirusGEN SELECT product line, streamlining process development with seamless transition from discovery to clinical and commercial manufacturing.

In conjunction with the TransIT-VirusGEN GMP Transfection Reagent and Kits for AAV and LV, Mirus Bio has more than 25 years of experience supporting drug discovery.