LINDIS Biotech Consolidates Onco-Immune, Trifunctional, Bispecific Antibody IP and Know-How from TRION Pharma Establishing a New Basis for Capitalization and Growth

Munich, Germany, November 7, 2014 / B3C newswire / – Horst Lindhofer, CEO of LINDIS Biotech and inventor of the trifunctional antibody technology succeeded in regaining the relevant IP and know-how from TRION Pharma out of the insolvency proceedings. Currently, LINDIS consolidates these patents and know-how with relevant LINDIS IP and hosts several advanced trifunctional antibody programs. The Company plans to hire a limited number of highly experienced staff in order to continue clinical development once it has raised additional capital.

Dr Horst Lindhofer explained: “We seek to capitalize the Company that now houses a pipeline of three new potential treatments against malignant tumors based on the trifunctional platform. One is in late pre-clinical and two are in Phase I/II clinical stage. The fund-raising comes at a great time given the compelling and positive clinical update of our Lymphomun program.”

“When the industry converted to human/humanized antibodies, we chose to further develop our murine-based antibody platform due to its vaccination effect and the direct tumor-cell-killing potential that we discovered as early as 1997. Today we are unique because of this special characteristic. Our powerful effects on solid tumors were first verified in 2006,” explained Dr Lindhofer.

“We are grateful to our Advisors, IMI Consulting GmbH (IMI) and Partners, for supporting us during the TRION Pharma insolvency process. IMI will now resume the discussions with potential investors for Round A,” Dr Lindhofer further added.

Pioneer in the battle against cancer that carries the hopes of cancer patients worldwide

Founded by Dr Lindhofer in 1998, the original TRION Pharma was a pioneer in the search for new therapies for cancer patients. As the first German biopharmaceutical company, TRION Pharma saw a breakthrough in 2009 when its proprietary cancer treatment was launched. Removab® (catumaxomab) is the first and only multispecific antibody worldwide to receive a market approval. The initial EU approval was followed by approvals in Israel, Canada and Russia. Due to illiquidity Trion was forced to file for insolvency last year.

“The trifunctional antibody therapy is a platform that carries the hopes of cancer patients worldwide as it triggers the patient’s own immune system to recognize and destroy the cancer cells and, moreover, to induce a lasting immune memory against the individual mutations of the patient’s tumor cells. These antibodies can easily be adapted to fight many different types of cancers,” added Dr Lindhofer.

LINDIS Biotech GmbH
LINDIS Biotech GmbH hosts all relevant trifunctional antibody IP and know-how, and focuses on the development of these antibodies in oncology. As a biopharmaceutical company with a highly innovative platform technology and an advanced pipeline, LINDIS is uniquely positioned in the cancer immunotherapy market. It is the only oncology company that offers strong cancer cell-killing properties while offering a vaccination against the patients’ own tumor cells. This is due to its unique murine-based platform.

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