Genome Valley emerges as Indias Top Life Sciences Cluster

World Pharma Today / News / India – Genome Valley, Hyderabad by shipping one-third of the world’s vaccine demand among children has beaten Chennai and Bengaluru to become India’s top life sciences cluster. It is considered by many as Asia’s answer to the Boston Life Sciences Corridor, the US cluster which happens to be largest globally. Driving this massive supply of vaccines here are Pharma majors such as Bharat Biotech, Shantha Biotechnics, Indian Immunologicals Limited, and Biological E and many more. Vaccines supplied from here include Tetanus-Diphtheria (combination), Pentavalent, Japanese Encephalitis, Rotavirus, Typhoid Conjugate, and Hepatitis B&C.

This cluster is located at around 60 kms. from the city and houses 200 major firms that have more than 10000 employees working. India contributes 70% of the world’s vaccine market. There has been a significant amount of investment which Genome Valley has been able to draw in the last three years. The investment hovers between 6000-6500 crores which is massive. Besides, there are many top-end brands from Switzerland, Canada, and India that are making their way into the cluster.