DFE Pharma Proudly Supports COVID-19 Vaccination Supply in Pakistan

DFE Pharma, a global leader in pharmaceutical excipient solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with AJM Pharma as a key supplier with BioHale® Sucrose to support COVID-19 vaccine supply challenges in Pakistan.

In April, vaccine supplies were running out in private health facilities in Pakistan due to high demand.[1]. The partnership with DFE Pharma clearly proves the intention to supply while the national vaccination campaign is currently at full speed.

DFE Pharma’s BioHale® Sucrose offers exceptional market purity and low endotoxin excipient in biologics formulation. Valued as excipient partner for over a century to many of the top global pharmaceutical brands, across various dosage forms from oral solid, respiratory, ophthalmic or parenteral application, DFE Pharma is uniquely positioned to deliver best-in-class excipient solutions for biopharmaceutical applications. This cooperation with AJM Pharma is consistent with the company’s strategy to offer proven expertise and reliability of supply where most needed.

Bas van Driel, CEO of DFE Pharma, commented: “I am very proud that DFE Pharma is part of the solution to the global COVID-19 pandemic by offering high quality and consistent excipient solutions. We are committed to supporting the pharmaceutical industry and our customers with increased security of supply in their formulation process for efficacious delivery of biologics with our BioHale® product.”

DFE Pharma continuously looks for further opportunities to expanding its excipient excellence, and further contribute to helping people lead healthier lives.

About DFE Pharma

DFE Pharma is a global leader in pharmaceutical excipient solutions. We strive to develop, produce and supply the highest quality functional excipients for use in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries for respiratory, oral solid dose (OSD), ophthalmic and parenteral formulations.

Our excipients play an essential role as fillers, binders, disintegrants, and in stabilising active ingredients for release in a predictable and effective manner into the patient’s system. With over a century of experience and over 400+ people worldwide in over 100 countries serving over 5000 customers, DFE Pharma is committed to supporting (bio)pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in their journey to improve patients’ lives. We are driven by our purpose your medicines, our solutions. Moving to a healthier world.