CRF Bracket Launches industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-wide technology to digitize the end-to-end clinical supply chain

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CRF Bracket announced the launch of a new Planning module added within SmartSupplies, already the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-wide technology to digitize the end-to-end clinical supply chain.

Offering unprecedented simplicity, visualization and control to life science companies, this module makes SmartSupplies the only fully integrated, 21 CRF Part 11 compliant solution that enables closed-loop conduct of clinical supply forecasting, planning and inventory management.

The SmartSupplies Planning module will modernize how life science companies generate clinical supply manufacturing plans, replacing cumbersome, tedious spreadsheets.  It dynamically graphs clinical supply and demand at the project and program levels using real-time forecast data pulled in directly from the SmartSupplies Forecasting module or from any other external sources such as simulation tools and spreadsheets.

Using the Smart Supplies Planning, Forecasting, and Inventory Management as a completely integrated solution produces a comprehensive end-to-end solution that digitally controls, tracks and traces the entire clinical supply chain. The Planning Module can also be used as a standalone solution to collate and visualize disparate sources of imported demand to enable aggregated supply and asset planning.

“Clinical supply chains can be complex to manage due to variability that results from protocol changes, undefined doses, unexpected recruitment rates, batch failures and non-availability of raw materials, among other challenges,” says Oliver Cunningham, Senior Director of Client Enablement, SmartSupplies, CRF Bracket. “SmartSupplies changes that—it’s purpose-built to fully digitize the entire clinical supply chain. By integrating forecasting, planning and inventory management the system enables on-demand lot recall and offers full traceability.”

 The SmartSupplies Forecasting & Planning solutions will help sponsors reduce the effort required to build forecasts, make better manufacturing decisions, and reduce supply overages and associated costs. Companies like AstraZeneca have already made the enterprise-wide switch from Excel to SmartSupplies, saving 10% of their clinical supply budget, representing millions of US dollars annually, through better forecasting. The addition of the SmartSupplies Planning model will further increase the visibility of all supply chain activities and allow the system to optimize manufacturing plans thereby lowing the risk of stockouts or overproduction of investigational medicinal product.

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CRF Bracket was formed in 2018 by the merger of CRF Health and Bracket to provide life science companies with patient-centric technology solutions that advance clinical research and transform the patient experience. The company’s solutions include electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs), eConsent, patient engagement, interactive response technology (IRT), clinical supply forecasting and management, and endpoint quality services that combine advanced analytics and therapeutic area-specific scientific consulting. CRF Bracket’s applications are trusted by pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, including all of the top 20 pharmas, as well as CROs, biotechs, and academic institutions on over 4,000 global clinical trials. For nearly 20 years, CRF Bracket has been committed to helping life science companies bring life-changing therapies to patients and communities around the world. To learn more visit