COVID-19 Vaccines May Need Updation For Omicron- WHO Body

The technical body of the World Health Organization has confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccines, which the world is using currently, may have to be reworked to ensure their effectiveness against not only Omicron but future variants as well that may arise from nowhere. The technical group which is made up of independent experts, has confirmed that they would prefer a composition change in the vaccines to fight out the variants that are in line. All in all the current dosage of the range of brands of vaccinations that are being used for fighting out Coronavirus infection, according to these experts, must undergo an overhaul.

The technical body, in a statement issued from their end, has said that the vaccine composition may as well have to be updated in order to ensure that they continue to consistently provide the WHO-recommended levels of high protection against the infection as well as variants of concern that include delta, omicron, and other future variants.

The statement added that these vaccinations need to give out long-lasting responses, are strong and wide so as to eradicate the possibility of booster doses. The experts are of an opinion that the strategy based on repeat vaccination or booster, as we call them, may not be as suitable and sustainable as it looks.

That said, the statement hasn’t spilled any beans on advocacy of Omicron-specific vaccines, at least at this stage, and throws light on more research and data sharing. As per the statement, an updated vaccine specifically made to keep a check on dominant variants all at once must be the need of the hour.

As per the reports, the makers are already in the process of developing the generation next vaccines for Omicron and alike variants which are highly contagious. Albert Bourla, Chief Executive of Pfizer, has opined that a redesigned vaccination that focuses on Omicron in all likelihood will be needed, and their company may have one furnished by March. Moderna, on the other hand, is already working on a vaccine candidate, but that will not be available before two months. WHO has time and again said that the composition of vaccines will require global coordination, and it will be unfair to let the manufacturers decide alone and take the burden.