Cold Chain Smart Solutions Conference

While cold chain management is becoming an evermore important part of a pharmaceutical firm’s business capability, it is also big business from the logistics point of view.

Pharma Supply Chain is a complex interplay of product, packaging materials and transportation methods, as well as complying with an evolving regulatory landscape. On top, the rising cost of transportation makes this a live issue for pharmaceutical firms in financial terms, too.

In an increasingly complex, fast-moving pharmaceutical environment, the up-to-date management of cold chains is crucial to be logistically lucrative.

As a unique event, the Cold Chain Smart Solutions Conference and the cost & risk management focused Post-Conference Workshop will address the most urgent challenges of the global marketplace for the storage and distribution of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, “last-mile” solutions biopharmaceuticals & vaccines, the packaging and shipping innovations, newest ways of distribution, greening initiatives, virtual cold chain management technologies and more.

This conference is the perfect place to get up to speed with the latest regulations, advanced technology and processes that are necessary to stay in the game and operate a compliant temperature control supply chain cost-effectively.

By attending you will have the chance to listen to conference presentations, panel discussions, specialist discussion forums, tailor-made streams about the burning topics of the industry – such as the most updated regulatory roadmap, quality systems and agreements, RF-enabled product visibility, electronic temperature monitoring, satellite tracking, „Last mile” issues, new market focus on Asia, shipping by ocean, cold chain packaging & shipping smart solutions: PCM, going green, active ULDs, battery-assisted passive RFID, etc…

Among the expert speakers are Wim van Bon, President of European Cold Storage and Logistics Association, Netherlands, Dr. Peter Lakatos, Vice President of Hungarian Logistics Association, Hungary (former Director of the Supply Chain and Logistics at Teva), Kevin O‘Donnell, Director and Chief Technical Advisor of ThermoSafe Brands (former Abbott), USA,  Robert Arendal, Chairman of Cool Chain Association, Germany, Douglas Kent, President of Supply Chain Council, UK, Vaclav Sulista, Head of Operations and Supply Chain Management of Novartis, Switzerland and many other professionals.

If you are interested in this great event full of networking and information exchange opportunities please visit or contact directly Kristina Jurikova via or dial +421 257 272 153.